Welcome to my world!

Hello lovely people!

Those of you who know me will confirm that I have never had a problem with finding things to say! Beginning a new Blog seems to be a little more daunting – but I know that I am going to enjoy writing it, and I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading it! To begin with, let’s talk about what makes Susie Mackie Photography the best thing I have ever created (apart from my two amazing daughters that is!).

I have always been creative. I have always loved being around people, and learning about what makes them tick. In being a photographer, I can put these two things together to create sensitive, emotive images. I didn’t discover my passion for photography until a few years ago (better late than never!), while I was doing my photography degree – I only went to college to learn to take better pictures of my daughters, but a passion for “creating the image” blossomed until I became irresistibly and irrevocably drawn towards becoming a wedding photographer. Those who know me will also agree that I don’t things by halves – once I decide to do something I put my heart and soul into it – and my heart and soul are well and truly embraced by wedding photography!

So who am I and how does that impact on my wedding photography? In a nutshell, I am a communicator, a romantic, imaginative, creative, sensitive, and very hard working! I must also admit to being a bit of a perfectionist – sometimes a challenge for my husband but perhaps not a bad thing when it comes to my business. I will go out of my way to make someone’s experience better than they expected, and I need and value recognition as much as I do financial reward. (Told you I am a romantic!) I find huge joy in receiving the most wonderful affirmation from both clients and others in the industry. Sometimes I can’t believe my luck in spending time with happy people on one of the most important and special days of their life, making beautiful pictures and sharing their special moments!

This is me! …

I actually quite like this image of me – although truthfully I’m not that keen on having my photo taken – which makes me really empathetic with others who feel the same. I have been told recently that I photograph “from the heart” – possibly this is why I can relax people in front of the camera. In any event, I truly love what I do and all I wish for is that you love the results!

Susie x

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